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I'm a Canadian who married an American and settled in Portland, OR (for the time being). I still dream about the mountains that surround the valley I grew up in. I started writing online as a way to document making and to connect with a burgeoning craft blogging community. Clearly, I did not stick to writing about sewing. I have a fondness in my heart for The Golden Girls that cannot be described. I used to read books. I still really like books.

I work part-time outside the home, and full-time inside the home for my three small boys and one small daughter (and not a couple more)-- they joined our family through birth and adoption. Sometimes I talk about both of those things, so if you're wondering about all of that, you might try the search button on the sidebar to track down the info. I am married to a good man. I often link to things to buy or do and unless specified, they are all things that I have bought or done myself. If you click through to amazon or powell's from a link, then you might notice that I am an affiliate of both of those sites. It doesn't really affect the way I do things, but it does help a lot with the costs of maintaining this site. Otherwise, I blog for free. (Gone are the days of the affiliate money! But I'm going to leave this disclaimer up just to keep me out of trouble.)

This site is rife with typos.

My name is Melissa.


thrift. make. give away. repeat.